Solar Panel Cleaning Mid North Coast

Routine Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning on the Mid North Coast.

Save money on and improve your solar panel performance. Regular solar panel cleaning can improve performance by up to 20%.

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Improve Solar Panel Performance

Solar panel production can increase by more than 20% immediately after solar panel cleaning. The tough Australian environment here on the Mid North Coast quickly causes your solar panels to get dirty with dust, salt and other debris. Trying to clean solar panels yourself can be dangerous, you run the risk of damaging your solar panels by using incorrect equipment. "Simple hose cleaning" will also begin to create hard water deposits.

Having your solar panels cleaned using our state of the art reverse osmosis and deionised cleaning system guarantees that no hard water deposits are left on your solar panels. This will ensure maximum performance and electricity production yield from your solar panels.

Clean Solar Panel

Residential & Commercial Solar Cleaning Services

The most cost-effective way to increase the efficiency of your solar electricity system is to have regular cleanings and inspections performed. Solar Cleaners use pure reverse osmosis deionised water to clean your solar panels and increase performance by up to 20% or more.
Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Residential Solar Cleaning

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning

Commercial Solar Cleaning

About Solar Cleaners

We are a locally owned and operated business. We take pride in our work as a top rated solar cleaning service on the Mid North Coast. Our team is friendly, honest and easy to work with. We guarantee our services and work with you to fit your schedule.

Solar Cleaners Mid North Coast is the one stop solution for all of your solar cleaning needs. Whether it is residential solar cleaning, commercial solar cleaning or a solar utility field, we clean it all. We use cutting-edge cleaning equipment to give you the best possible outcome, at the best possible price.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Routine Solar Panel Cleaning Packages

Solar Cleaners offers several routine solar panel cleaning and maintenance packages for commercial and residential solar systems. Save on your electric bill and the cost of solar panel cleaning with an ongoing regular maintenance plan.
Quarterly Solar Panel Cleaning

Premium Package

Ensure maximum performance from your solar system by having it cleaned 4 times a year.

Routine Solar Panel Cleaning

Standard Package

Near the ocean or a dusty area? we recommend getting your system cleaned 3 times a year.

Half Yearly Solar Panel Cleaning

Basic Package

If nothing else, we suggest you have your system cleaned and checked 2 times a year.

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    Solar Cleaners offers solar panel cleaning services on the enitre Mid North Coast including Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Laurieton, Lake Cathie, Taree, Old Bar, Kempsey, Crescent Head, and South West Rocks.

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