Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Cleaners has carried out solar panel cleaning on homes all over the Mid North Coast. Solar panels are an expensive investment and it is essential to ensure they are cleaned by insured and trained professionals. Cleaning your homes solar panels can increase the power output and efficiency of your solar system by 20% or more.

You had your solar system installed to save you money, make sure your panels are performing at their best all year long. Many people put solar on their roofs and never think about it again until the savings aren’t adding up.

Having a complimentary estimate from Solar Cleaners can provide you with the answers to why your solar system isn’t producing like it was when first installed. Hint: The panels are dirty and not performing at top efficiency, or possibly birds or other pests have taken up residence. In fact, if you have solar panels on your roof and a pool in your backyard, we guarantee that you have a bird problem even if you can’t currently see one.

You installed a solar panels on your home to save you money by offsetting rising electricity costs by generating your own power. Great for the planet, and great for your wallet! Solar Cleaners Mid North Coast will make sure you’re maximizing the return on your investment.

Unclean solar panels can reduce energy production up to 35% and cleaning is recommended every 4 months. Having your solar panels cleaned regularly not only saves you money by making sure they’re producing at top capacity, but it also protects your solar system and the manufacturer’s warranty.

It is essential to have a trained, licensed and insured professional clean and maintain your system to avoid costly damage. From cracks in the glass to the seals between each panel, there are many risks when it comes to cleaning the solar panels yourself.

Working on the roof itself is a huge hazard! The challenging task comes with the risk of personal injury or damaging roof tiles. This is where Solar Cleaners comes in. We are your trusted, local, licensed, and insured professionals.

Solar Panel Cleaning & Inspection Packages

Solar Cleaners offers several routine solar panel cleaning and inspection packages for commercial and residential solar systems. Save on the cost of solar panel cleaning with an ongoing annual plan.
One Off Service
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Visual System Inspection
Complete Panel Cleaning
Monitoring and Maintenance
Annual Service
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Panels Inspected Yearly
Full Inspection Report Provided
Best Value for Money
Save 14.57%

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